Many people think that a car is just a means of transportation, and nothing more than a luxury. But contrary to this belief, since the first horseless cart appeared on earth, almost every owner of such a happy acquisition as a car believes that it is necessary precisely as a luxury. In fact, a car, whatever it may be, is a sign of luxury and success in its social stratum. But no matter how luxurious a new car model is, and no matter how desirable it is for a connoisseur, interest in it begins to fall as soon as it enters mass production.

Many of the motorists are content with existing models, due to lack of funds for a newer and more prestigious car. Those who have the opportunity will certainly begin to look for something newer, more prestigious, and preferably something that others do not have. When it comes to such cars, the rich of this world are ready to lay out a fortune, just to become the owner of a new toy.

The German Tire Giant Fulda

Not so long ago, a unique car of its kind appeared in the world. Maybach Exelero can rightly be positioned as the most expensive car in the world. This model, built by order of the German tire giant Fulda, has a well-thought-out design, high speed, excellent maneuverability, and the most expensive stuffing. By the way, the luxury coupe interior in this model is also the most expensive in the world. Covers for cars, which are also custom-made by one of the well-known fashion designers of furniture with a worldwide reputation, cost a lot of money. Still, it’s not good for such a car to be without covers.

This car was created by an advertising company. After working out all the promotional activities, this car will be put up for auction. But this does not mean that everyone who has money can buy Exelero. The fact is that this car is unique in its kind. There is only one copy and further production is simply not planned.

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